Gold plated jewellery wears off over time, but there is no need to give up on the pieces you love.

So, how to get your jewellery replated? You can either use our online replating service for it to be delivered directly to you or visit any of our selling points: Backyard Market and Old Spitalfields Markets for a one-to-one service.

We can plate jewellery pieces which are made of silver, bronze an brass.

We can also give your jewellery a new look with a fresh layer of gold, even if it's not previously been gold plated.

Benefits of replating your jewelry

Recycling is best

Recycle your old pieces to give them a second chance and bring them alive again.


We guarantee you won't find a better price elsewhere! We will give you the best suitable price.

Secure, free shipping

Your jewellery will be shipped safely for free. No worries, this cost is on us.


Responsibly secured, ethically crafted. Let's get Super caring with our planet.

How it works

Fill out the Form

We will review it and give you the best price asap.

Send your jewellery over to us

Ship the piece to our return addres for repairing.

Your jewellery is replated at our atelier

In approx. 2 weeks, your jewellery is replated.

Receive your already replated piece

We will send you back your piece as fresh as a brand new one.